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It's yummy, y'all!

It's yummy, y'all!

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Welcome to Texas Toast Culinary Tours, a place for cuisine-savvy people in Texas (and well beyond) who want to discover more about the food and wine originating here and in our other favorite places. Because the best eating and drinking destinations aren’t always obvious, and because it can be a trick to sort through all the new offerings, you need a bit of guidance.

Enter well-known dining critic, cookbook author and food/travel journalist June Naylor.  She shows food lovers where the taste-thrills await as well as who makes food and wine around here downright artful.
Texas Toast partner Cynthia Wahl, a graphic designer, helps craft these culinary adventures. Together the pair is plotting paths that the demanding palate will devour with pleasure.

We have Team-building programs
where you can get your Iron Chef on.    
  • We create vacations featuring food and wine,
    so join us on a Road Trip
  • And we create Custom Tours

Stick with us if you want to taste and toast the best around Texas (and other regions, too!). We can fill up your afternoon, evening or weekend with rewarding gastronomy, while introducing you to the creators of all that tastes great.

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